About Us


Welcome to a new way to learn. At Portal Academy, we encourage a holistic approach to education, where we take in the environmental factors, the internal world and blend them together in order to provide an education experience that caters to the true needs of our students.

Knowledge accumulation has yet to adapt to the advent of the internet and all that comes with it. Social media, multimedia, Wikipedia and the Wild Wild West of free knowledge exchange on the internet have made a great deal of education delivery systems borderline redundant – except for that human element that the internet cannot deliver.

We at Portal Academy want to bridge this gap. Join us.


What makes Portal Academy different?

We take the environment into account when creating our curricula in this time of climate upheaval. We feel it is crucial to impart this knowledge to all.

It is our intention to grow from an online school of language into an online school entirely, catering to the needs of families who wish to lead an alternative lifestyle.

We wish to take full advantage of the power of the internet to create a more sustainable approach to education, conducting remote and effective education endeavours.