Pilot Project

Cohort 1 of the Portal Academy SDG Course and Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Business Course.

Social Enterprise

The Development Gap supplied us with a group of women in rural Jamaica to work with, explaining the importance of the Sustainable Development Goals and how to address them with market-based solutions.

The Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Business course is more than your average course. It is capacity building and serious investment of time and energy into the establishment of of genuine businesses with the support of business ideas and help in researching, contacting the necessary entities, getting introductions to the right people and forming cooperatives to get ahead by working together.


Here’s what the women from our pilot project have to say about their experience with the course!

Joycelin McDonald

“The course was enlightening, it opened my eyes to a lot of things I did not notice, I did not know and things I took for granted. […] It’s a very interesting, exciting and very good course I would recommend to anybody if they are persons who are conscious of what is going on in the world. […] I respect my environment much more now than when I started.”