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Compete against yourself, acquire points and measure your progress over time with the award of badges and certifications.

Learn from highly trained professionals in personalized classes. Your education is in the hands of people who care about your trajectory.

Carefully-crafted courses made to deliver the best education and knowledge transfer with modern techniques that trust the learner to participate.

Not just courses about one subject but holistic, interactive knowledge transfer about things that matter, with a returning focus to sustainability.

About Us


Welcome to a new way to learn. At Portal Academy, we encourage a holistic approach to education, where we take in the environmental factors, the internal world and blend them together in order to provide an education experience that caters to the true needs of our students.

Knowledge accumulation has yet to adapt to the advent of the internet and all that comes with it. Social media, multimedia, Wikipedia and the Wild Wild West of free knowledge exchange on the internet have made a great deal of education delivery systems borderline redundant – except for that human element that the internet cannot deliver.

We at Portal Academy want to bridge this gap. Join us.


Classes offered at Portal Academy are constantly expanding. Follow our social media page for updates on new courses.

Learn Spanish for various purposes in this interactive course with our excellent teachers.

Learn how to start your own business with a focus on social entrepreneurship and sustainability.

We will soon have English lessons for comprehension and literature.